a7s III Cinematic Camera Test

A word about the lenses Armando paired with the a7s III for the shoot, the MasterBuilt “Soft Flare” large format primes. I think this is a new formulation of their Vista-M primes, perhaps using different coatings on the front element, which, on the Vista-Ms, has been polished in such a way as to flare similarly to the Canon K35s. The latter, built in the 70’s and 80’s as Canon’s answer to the Zeiss Super Speeds, won an Academy Award in 1977 for their optical design and were used on such films as Aliens, American Hustle, Manchester by the Sea, and Barry Lyndon. The Vista-Ms combine a vintage look with good center sharpness, a softness at the edges of the frame and beautiful bokeh. A full six-lens set with an aperture of T1.4 and covering the range from 18mm – 135mm goes for around $75,000 USD.

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