Free Downloadable a7s III HDR Footage!

Shot with the Sigma FE 85mm f/1.4 DG DN, the sharpest 85mm lens in the E-mount system, with incredible autofocus speed and accuracy and recorded in 4K ALL-I, the highest quality, least compressed internal codec of the a7s III, and the gold standard for digital cinema. It will play smoothly on many computers even without transcoding. S-log3 offers the highest dynamic range (13 stops) of any of the internal codecs, while S-Gamut3 is suited for converting images to a format with a wide gamut like BT. 2020 (for high dynamic range video). 4K 60p is ideal for displaying HDR video on OLED televisions as it suffers less from the jarring stutter that destroys panning motion at conventional 24p. One 128GB SD card can record 27 minutes of 4K 60p XAVC S-I. HDR video has a dynamic range of 10,000:1 compared to a mere 32:1 for SDR.

The a7s III is not just a warmed-over a7 III: it has vastly improved color science, uncanny autofocus that surpasses that of any rival mirrorless camera (especially when recording RAW and log at two stops over); full pixel readout 4K 120p with no line skipping or overheating; the highest resolution EVF of any hybrid camera; a wide choice of codecs to choose from with manageable file sizes; and improved image stabilization. 

Graded with the LG OLED 55C7

Free download: a7s III 4K 60p ALL-I 600Mbps 4:2:2 S-log3/S-Gamut3 HDR footage (608MB)

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