Do Not Upgrade to Resolve 17.4!

The other day, we cautioned Mac M1 users against updating to Resolve 17.4 because of acknowledged issues with getting HDR on an external display and today we learn that Resolve 17.4 can’t export Dolby Vision IMF files. Aaron Hayden, colorist and owner of Color Monkey, writes:

“Trying to export a UHD Dolby Vision IMF using the Netflix preset. I can add the job to the render queue, but when I start my render, the export settings change to RGB HD IMF. No idea what’s going on. Resolve 17.4 bug?  Working around the issue printing an intermediate master file and Dolby metadata XML and exporting IMF from Resolve 17.3”.

So while 17.4 contains a wealth of improvements, we recommend holding off until the bugs related to HDR are ironed out.

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