Apple’s Studio Display Unsuitable for Video Editing

Author, consultant, pro audio/video specialist, tech journalist and broadcaster Allan Tépper voices his suspicions that Apple’s Studio Display is not a true 10-bit panel at all but 8-bit FRC and discovers that it is limited to a single framerate/refresh rate, making it a much less attractive proposition for video editing/grading.

“Despite it’s raved internal speakers and other unique features (i.e. microphones and webcam), I cannot recommend the so-called “Studio Display” for the Program Output for video editing or video grading (unless Apple opens it to many more rates via a firmware update). It may be fine for other things like graphic design. For video editing or video grading (etalonaje), most of the DreamColor monitors I have reviewed are more appropriate since they accept the full range from 23.976 to 60 Hz, including exact 24, 25, 29.97, 30, 47.952, 48, 50, 59.94 and 60”.

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    1. It’s admirable that the author also takes the time to explain why it is that we want a refresh rate double the frame rate of the video, noting that a native refresh rate of 24 would be intolerable – and, if I’m not mistaken, an even higher refresh rate is desirable for HDR.

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