RED Komodo: ISO 250 vs. ISO 800

Shooting at ISO 250 with RED results in more visible shades (stops of latitude) in the shadows and less noise (though we’re hard-pressed to see the difference in the screenshots), but also considerably less highlight protection. Both screen grabs are from clips that have been exposed as much as possible without highlight clipping. You can download the video (HDR) here. For the most part, we’d stick with ISO 640 for interiors and ISO 800 for bright scenes. Low con scenes don’t need as much highlight protection and can benefit from ISOs as low as 320.

RED Komodo noise, ISO 800
RED Komodo noise, ISO 250

The first time we ran this test, the two clips looked like carbon-copies of each other, so we went ahead and recorded two more clips, but got the very same result! Maybe we’ll try once more tomorrow… but when it comes to minimizing noise – at least between ISO 250 and ISO 800 – it looks like avoiding underexposure has a much greater influence than lowering the ISO by a couple of stops. Stay tuned!

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