Samsung Display: The Display Industry Must Switch From P3 To BT2020 

From the ‘2023 OLED Korea Conference’ at UBI’s ‘2023 OLED Korea Conference’ held in Incheon on the April 13th:

“Quantum Dot (QD)-OLED production has exceeded 90%,” said Seonho, vice president of strategic marketing, large-scale Samsung Display. Samsung Display raised the QD-OLED production rate to more than 85% in the first half of last year.

“To implement optimal HDR for high-definition content, we need to set a new standard for color in the display industry,” said Preference Samsung Display’s vice president. Regarding the new standard, it is important to “switch the color gamut standard from the current DCI-P3 to ‘BT2020 (UHD (4K) color specification established by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU))’, and consider the color volume that can represent the same color at any brightness.” “The color luminance of red (R) green (G) blue (B) three primary colors is a more important picture quality characteristic in consumer real-use environments than the luminance measured on the white screen,” it added.

“The 2023 QD-OLED, which applied advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the latest organic materials, has improved the brightness of each RGB and the maximum color luminance has been improved to more than 2000 nits,” said Shasilak Samsung Display Marketing Team Pro. “There is no problem in the general viewing environment in terms of panel efficiency.”

The Elec

Currently, even $30,000 professional reference grading monitors are incapable of reproducing the entirety of the BT2020 gamut (far from it!), most consumer displays struggle to cover P3 and many colorists have an aversion to colors that extend beyond the P3 gamut.

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