Note: If you’d like to upload HLG HDR videos to YouTube, click here.

1) Import files.
2) Select clips in the timeline and in the inspector click on Color Space Override then select Rec.709 from the drop-down menu.
3) Select clips in the timeline and in the inspector, click on Camera LUT then select Leeming LUT One – Sony HLG for Rec.709 v.601 from the drop-down menu.
4) Footage is now ready for grading.

7 thoughts on “Workflow: Leeming LUT One – Sony HLG BT.2020 for Rec.709 in FCP X

  1. Thank you for this post.

    However, when I change the viewing settings to Proxy, the Sony HLG Rec.2020 files blow out again – even when using your LUT. It works fine when in View – Original / Optimised but not when I go to View – Proxy.

    Any ideas to help would be appreciated?

    These are Sony A7iii video files shot in the HLG – Rec. 2020 setting. On the latest version of FCPX

    1. I just imported a clip, created a proxy and when I toggle between proxy and original media, they both look identical. Not sure why yours is looking blown out. ๐Ÿค”Are you using the Leeming LUT?

      1. Depending on your settings, proxy files may be generated on import. The proxies will show a lower res version of whatever the clip looked like at the time of the proxy generation. If you change the LUT, colour space, gamma curve (RED), the proxy will not show those changes if they occurred AFTER the proxies were generated.

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