Occasionally, YouTube doesn’t recognize the master files I create in Final Cut Pro as HLG HDR, so I’ve taken to uploading my HDR projects to YouTube through Compressor.

5 thoughts on “How to Publish HLG HDR Projects to YouTube Using Compressor

  1. This article was SUPER helpful. I’ve been trying to figure this out for a while without any luck, this article solved my problem. The only issue I’m having now is that my skin tones are coming out really red. I’ve been testing desaturating the reds using the hue/saturation curve. I’m getting close, but not there yet since I don’t have a HDR monitor to color grade on.

  2. How is your timeline in FCPX? 4K? I feel youtube compresses my video too much.. How do you achieve such quality?

    1. I just drop the clips on the timeline, send them to compressor, then upload to YouTube (4K). I don’t do anything special. Are you viewing YouTube on an HDR TV?

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